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Zack Oakes….2016 ERA Bull Rider

12417767_524660127719647_3382012891296930781_nRodeo Fame Magazine writer, Erin Jusseaume, caught up with Zack and his wife Anne here is what she said:

RFM: What is a must-have when you are travelling on the road?
AO: My kids and ibuprofen!

RFM: What do you do when your husband is in the arena?
AO: Say a prayer and sit back and watch him do his thing!

RFM: Who has control of the music when you are on the road?
AO: Definitely Zack

Zack and Anne have three gorgeous kids as well, Zack even sent us a photo so everyone can have their moment in Rodeo Fame.
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Anne is with daughters Kacie 13, Josie 10 and son Tyson 5
Anne is with daughters Kacie 13, Josie 10 and son Tyson 5

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