Team Roping
Clay O’Brein Cooper
3.6 sec run with Derrick Begay
Derrick has a reputation as being a really good cowboy, on that would go catch a steer in a brushy pasture, not just the arena. What does that mean to you?
Clay: “Your ability level is going to help you in all aspects of what you’re trying to do. He’s been a cowboy since he was a little kid. The things that he knows about and how to do things – his horses, gritting up and bearing down, and making things happen when they have to. That’s what makes (us) so awesome is we’re cowboys.

Saddle Bronc Riding
Rusty Wright with an 85.5 pt ride on Flying Rive Rodeo’s Sundance
Can you describe the ride?
The horse felt really strong and I kind of felt on the verge of bucking off the whole time but that’s when the great rides are. Some of the best rides are when you have to give it your all to stay in the saddle.

Bareback Riding
Steven Peebles & Kaycee Field with an 84 pt ride each
After a slow start to this WNFR, how good does it feel to get your first go-round buckle of 2015?
Kaycee: “Last night was just a bad night for me, but tonight I had a really good horse and was looking forward to it. This was a fun pen of horses and I knew I had to come out here and gas it. Steven has been putting a lot of pressure on me the last few nights.”

You almost had the world standings lead, until Kaycee tied your score on the next ride. It it’s the 2 of you battling it out for the world title, does that work for you?
Steven: “Absolutely. Kaycee and I battled it out at the 2013 NFR, and that was the best and most fun NFR I’ve ever had. Last year I thought we would do the same, but I got hurt pretty bad, so I was looking forward to it this year. This is a lot of fun.”